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ADDS 2025

ActiGraph Digital Data Summit 2025

February 10-12  |  Pensacola Beach, FL

ADDS 2024

ActiGraph Digital Data Summit 2025

February 10-12     |     Pensacola Beach, FL

Driving Adoption of Digital Measures in Clinical Research and Development

The ActiGraph Digital Data Summit 2025 is a one-of-a-kind event that aims to bridge the knowledge gap between academia and industry and foster collaborations that will accelerate broader adoption of digital measures in clinical research and development.

We are pleased to announce the ActiGraph Digital Data Summit 2025 will be held February 10-12 in Pensacola Beach, FL.

Why Attend ADDS 2025?

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Client Case Studies

Client Case Studies

Roundtable Sessions

Panel Discussions

Networking Forums

Networking Forums

Student Poster Sessions

Scientific Poster Session

Partner Exhibits

Partner Exhibits

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What Did Attendees Say About ADDS?

It's nice to have a conference that has a very specific focus, because we can dive much deeper into that and really get into the meat of the data. You can get into a much deeper understanding of the particular topic as well as some of the advancements in the field.

Ariel Dowling, PhD

Head of Sensing and Measurement | Takeda

It's a perfect thing when you can come to a conference, and you can meet people and immediately realize that you have things in common and can help each other; to meet other people who are really in different fields, but experiencing some of the same issues and develop potential collaborations across the board.

Johathan Soslow

Pediatric Cardiologist | Vanderbuilt University

An event like this brings talent that you normally are not exposed to, and as you see these presentations, you're shocked as to how much innovation is out there.

Peter Fernandes

CEO | Bellerophon Therapeutics

I think a lot of us do research in the technology and how we can apply it to our specific research interests or populations, but learning how to cross those boundaries between clinical populations is important.

Jennifer Schrack

Professor of Epidemiology and Medicine | Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Ariel Dowling
Dr. Jonathan Soslow
Peter Fernandes
Jennifer Schrack, PhD